Welcome to Precision Cutting Technologies

Precision Cutting Technologies is a holding company with 3 operating segments: (i) precision automated machine tool solutions through Bourn & Koch, Inc; (ii) diamond orifices and nozzles for the waterjet and other high pressure spraying system markets through Diamond Technology Innovations, Inc. and (iii) high-performance solid carbide tooling and solutions through CID Performance Tooling, Inc. and Supermill LLC. 

To learn more about the products and solutions that each company within Precision Cutting Technology offers, click the image below to visit their website.


Bourn & Koch »

Bourn & Koch provides precision automated machine tool solutions for the global manufacturing community. We specialize in gear manufacturing equipment and precision grinding machines with the ability to specially engineer custom solutions for some of the most challenging manufacturing applications. We support 28 American machine tool companies with repair parts, field service, retrofit & rebuild services. The engineering experience and expertise in our archives allows us to engineer customer solutions for today’s manufacturing market while keeping alive the machines that built American industry.


Diamond Technology Innovations ( dti™) »

For over 30 years, Diamond Technology Innovations ( dti™) has been the global leader in waterjet orifice manufacturing for the waterjet cutting and cleaning industries. Founded on our commitment to innovation and unbeatable quality, our mission is continuous improvement and optimization of our products, processes, and the waterjet industry. As an American orifice manufacturer, created solely to fill the needs of the waterjet industry, dti™ was the first, and is the only company to specialize in waterjet orifice excellence.


High Performance Solid Carbide Tooling

CID Performance Tooling and Supermill, LLC are manufacturers of high performance carbide end mills. The end mills provided by CID and Supermill are designed for material specific applications, as well as high-speed production environments.  CID and Supermill are trusted suppliers of specialty end mills and form tools for tough to machine materials such as Inconel and Titanium. We provide customers the best possible tooling, tailored specifically to the demands of their job, with fast and reliable turnaround times. All tools produced are ground on the latest in CNC machinery, using the highest quality grinding wheels and specialty grinding techniques.